Hong Kong-based skateboarding imprint VICTORIA presents "Psych Blues," a photography exhibition at J-01 Gallery, Hong Kong. Taking place last week, the exhibition featured works from two of the brand's close friends : San Francisco photographer Dustin Adams and legendary Zoo York skater and L.I.F.E. founder Lui Araki. A juxtaposition of photography styles, Adams' defected film images take viewers to the psychedelic wilderness, while Araki's harsh black and white cityscape shots capture the hectic environment he explores on various skate trips around the world. The event also celebrated the launch of Lui Araki's guest board for VICTORIA. The deck boasts graphics featuring Araki's own collection of test print strips saved from his dark room sessions. Attendees picked up film cameras with a defected roll that's undergone Adams' color blemishing process. “We want everyone who doesn't own a film camera to be able to pick one up, go shoot, and be stoked on how the colors come out. You’ll never know how the colors and lights are going to affect each photo,” said Leung.

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