Originally from California, Dre Romero began styling in China. Check out her q&a with J-01 as Nevermind opens tonight at our gallery space in Hong Kong.

How did you begin the series Nevermind with Robert?

After being long-time acquaintances, one night in Shelter I was drunk enough to ask the most annoying question possible, what do you do? So we scanned. What attracted you to the people shot in the series?

For NVM2 it was important to get a broader range of interests and backgrounds. Being a young girl who read a lot of historical fiction with female heroines and teen magazines about cool girls doing interesting things, I wanted to present just that.

Do you think styling can be taught, or do you think it’s all about instinct? The longer I do styling work, the more the influences and references become clearer. I think growing up in the Bay Area in California, having a dad who loves thrifting, and an aunt with a huge closet that I would escape to all had a huge influence on me. For me, styling is making a connection to the piece and the wearer. I sleep in my mom's old pajamas, and I take my dads jackets when I go home for a visit. For NVM, I researched/stalked each girl so that the pieces I put on them makes sense.

What are the biggest challenges as a stylist in China? I started styling while living in China; I have nothing to compare to ;)

What can we expect next from Nevermind? In Shanghai, what can we be certain of?

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