With features from Big Sean, Swan Lee, Brandy and others, Jhene Aiko's surprise album Trip fills with 22 tracks. The project is accompanied with a short film, co-directed by Aiko reflects on the exploration of self in mourning. Take a listen to the album and watch the visual work below.

Jhene Aiko’s Trip Tracklist

1. “Lsd” 2. “Jukai” 3. “While We’re Young” 4. “Moments” Feat. Big Sean 5. “Olla (Only Lovers Left Alive)” Feat. TWENTY88 6. “When We Love” 7. “Sativa” Feat. Swae Lee 8. “New Balance” 9. “Newer Balance (Freestyle)” 10. “You Are Here” 11. “Never Call Me” Feat. Kurupt 12. “Nobody” 13. “Overstimulated” 14. “Bad Trip (Interlude)” 15. “Oblivion (Creation)” Feat. Dr. Chill 16. “Psilocybin (Love in Full Effect)” Feat. Dr. Chill 17. “Mystic Journey (Freestyle)” 18. “Picture Perfect (Freestyle)” 19. “Sing to Me” Feat. Namiko Love 20. “Frequency” 21. “Ascension” Feat. Brandy 22. “Trip” Feat. Mali Music


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