We Don't Have to Make Children is an all girls Animations exhibition from a group of new media artists seeking to explore visual possibilities of different means such as sound generated images, glitch art, photography, and installations. Works in this exhibition are drawn from the visions of the future as a dystopian brave new world. In a world where we are constantly bombarded by images and other information, Heidi Huang seeks to recreate plain scenes of everyday life by incorporating seemingly unfit elements. Her compulsion of breaking the harmony is also displayed in her animation through the reserving of the accidents and imperfection. Bixin Zhang focuses on finding new ways to incorporate new formats to generate data and moving images. Bixin enquires into and elaborates on the performative aspects of various obejcts and shapes in different spaces in both 2D and 3D environments. Charlotte Csasewfara works with elements of nature creating romantically surrealistic visuals through photography, animations, and installations. Charlotte investigates into the themes of nature, art, and identity to combine artificialness with authenticity. Hanging Shen hunts for the unusual details in the conventional, her works are drawn from life and the subtle peculiarities that keep it lively. Hangning’s illustrations and animations are made up of playful strokes and lines resonating with her quirky characters, adding odd twists to the simple plots. Long You’s programming background equipped him with the skills of endless approaches to create images and interactive installations. Qi Shen is committed to experimental films, animations, and audiovisual installation design.

With their common interests to create, “destroy” and recreate visuals Qi and Long started VJ group Pink Money. They make their own images, sample existing images from the Internet and reconstruct them sometimes by themselves sometimes they leave the transfiguring to the computer programs they design.

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