Rick Owens drew an artful reality from the idea of the disco 70s in his Fall 2017 runway show at Paris Fashion Week. Known to push the limits of our imagination, Owens placed wireframes on models' heads, improvising different shapes while manipulating the use of sweatshirts and tees. He expressed that he was "tired of being a downer," drifting to a ritual theme of ceremonies marking a standard ceremony of a fashion show. While light of his recent show, head over to the New York Times for a read up on "The Lighter Side of Rick Owens."

"But there’s something unexpectedly soft about Owens, both the man and his clothes. In person, he’s preternaturally tanned (he holidays in the United Arab Emirates, “the shortest flight to the most sun”), and his voice, a languid Californian drawl, redolent of the state where he lived until the age of 42, softens his doomsday portents. It adds both a humanity and a note of wry humor that collapses any perceived pretension. And in person, those clothes collapse too, in on themselves, softly wrapping the body in protective layers of felted fabric and down padding. Up close, his arch silhouettes prove light and pliable to the touch, seductive."

The Lighter Side of Rick Owens by Alexander Fury

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