Japanese retailer Uniqlo will be partnering up with renowned gallerist and art curator Jeffrey Deitch for a unique project that will be taking over the store located at Soho and 34th Street in New York City. To celebrate, "Art for All" the space that will feature limited edition art-centric collaborations will host a series of events, this includes a live screen printing showcase and much more. "Art for All" is set to open on January 20th.

For Deitch, “Art for All” continues his summation of one of his greatest missions. “I came into all of this when rock music was so big and had such an influence on the culture. I always wondered... Why couldn’t visual art have this kind of impact?" he says. "We have this remarkable new development with Instagram and social media, where this ideal coming from late-Sixties era artists like Joseph Beuys — where everyone can become an artist — is now being realized.”

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