Following his collaboration with Urban Outfitters in November, Lil Yachty has partnered with Nautica for an upcoming capsule collection and digital and social media campaign. The rapper was just featured in Alexander Wang's #WANGSQUAD and it looks like he's taking things into his hands now.

President of Nautica, Karen Murray spoke on the collaboration stating, “He is much more than just a music artist. He is a creative soul. His innate passion and affinity for the brand, fabulous taste level and the way he looks in our clothes, make him the perfect partner for the Nautica brand.”

The artist most recently discussed his love for the heritage brand. "Another thing that was amazing was to get noticed by Nautica because I had been pushing to get their attention," he said of his successes in the past year. "I was wearing 100 percent Nautica for months. I was wearing Nautica everything. I still wear Nautica a lot. I just wear a lot of other stuff too. But the Nautica lookbook came through, and we have a lot of future business in the works."

This definitely sounds like a fitting collaboration, as on Friday Nautica also announced that Lil Yachty will curate a limited edition collection including re-releases of vintage items from the brand.

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