If you've been following street style, chances are you're probably wondering about the "Russian Mafia New Order” hoodie.

Surrounded by the likes of designers, Gosha Rubchinsky; Vetements model and stylist Lotta Volkova and among others- the Russian Mafia New Order hoodie can be seen making waves around fashion week, tapping in on capitalization on the cliche in streetwear. Inspired by "Gopnik in Paris," model and designer, Vsevolod “Sever” Cherepanov pulls from the demand of individuality in the simple things. His time in Paris led him to the idea of "Russian Fashion Mafia," and the ongoing trend of the tracksuit loving kids. Russian Mafia New Order is produced in Russia and along with the attitude proves to be quickly infesting the streets and your Instagram feed.

Sever is available at 424.

Source: Vogue/Eclectic

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