Just because Gosha literally couldn’t kill it any moreso than he’s already doing, he just launched PACCBET with some of his Russian fashion buddies, including the likes of Tolia Titaev. PACCBET is the Russian word for “dawn,” which seems to have become a recurring theme in the new post-Soviet fashion trend. Remember Sever’s very exclusive Russian Mafia New World Order hoodies? That’s what we mean. Russian designers like Gosha, Tolia, and Sever are effectively the voice of a new generation, and they’re feeding a new world that where the youth reigns. PACCBET is meant to be a merger of Russian culture and skateboard culture, dating back to how Gosha met Tolia – in the Moscow skate scene. Their aim now is to feed the Russian creative community that they’ve been developing for the past few years.

By the way, it’s pronounced Rassviet – FYI.

The PACCBET collection is available exclusively at Dover Street Market in London, New York, and Ginza, and at the Paris Trading Museum… For now.

Images c/o HYPEBEAST.

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