Ever wondered what’s behind a designer’s conceptual collection, season after season? As we take in the fresh aesthetics that the upcoming Spring/Summer 2017 collections are presenting, it’s important to remember to acknowledge to the inspirations that drive each designer. New York Mag published an article today that highlights 195 designers and their main inspirations for the upcoming spring season – feeding our curiosity, to a certain extent. Here are some of our favourites.

Jeremy Scott’s is “SLIME CITY” – a funky, neon green typeface reflecting the oozy substance. Hood By Air’s is a “wench” – a young woman in the position of a servant. The imagery behind their inspiration features an androgynously dressed young woman attached to a Hood By Air-engraved silver platter. Saturdays NYC’s is “subjective colour” – a palette of understated basics, making for a clean-cut, relaxed male image. OAK’s is Sade O’Connor, literally, scrawled across a plain white tee in thin black marker. Thom Browne’s is, of course, a minimalist, geometric sketch of a silhouette, with the caption “…I CAN’T GO IN THE WATER… / …I JUST HAD MY HAIR DONE…”

To see all 195 of the upcoming season’s inspirations, visit the full feature here.

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