Most people often forget that Young Thug is not only a very swaggy rapper, but he’s also an unsuspecting style icon. DAZED even compared him to the closest thing we have to David Bowie. A few days ago, Young Thug released his latest album cover for No, My Name is Jeffery. In an aside - can we briefly address the fact that Young Thug’s real name is Jeffery and that he’s not afraid to reveal it to the world? Ok. The cover is both flamboyant and eccentric, showcasing the rapper’s fearless and rebellious sense of style. Where we’re used to ripped jeans, the hottest sneakers, Jesus pieces, and the trending streetwear brand of the moment, rappers like Young Thug tend to stray from the usual.

In a way, Young Thug is redefining the meaning of sexuality and gender identity in the world of hip-hop – as a straight man, he embraces gender neutrality through the skirts, dresses, and bold, agenda-setting ensembles he adorns. Rap, a genre often associated with machismo, suddenly becomes broken down into a more conceptual scene that allows not only streetwear, but self-expression as well. DAZED calls this “brave and brilliant” on Young Thug’s part.

See the full feature over at DAZED.

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