What’s interesting about VETEMENTS, actually, is that it’s a French label. However, the French namesake happens to be one of the most high-end streetwear brands in today’s market. In the same league as the likes of Gosha Rubchinskiy, but still a tad more luxe, VETEMENTS also expresses a lot of Post-Soviet influences in its collections. Dazed & Confused even went so far as to say that there are some things about the brand that you’ll only really “get” if you’re Post-Soviet. Of course, VETEMENTS’ staples have by now made themselves clear: fake sportswear, thigh-high boots, oversized, disheveled bombers. There’s something about these items that are distinctly familiar to the rising style of Post-Soviet youth.

Taking things even further, DAZED rounds it up as fake sportswear, flower prints on Soviet kitchen oil cloth (how specific!), village disco vibes, suit jackets of ‘90s criminal bosses, thigh-high boots, ‘80s underground rock, Cyrillic letters, an underground music icon, and huge bags. That actually sums it up pretty well, if we’re honest. Hello, Post-Soviet aesthetics.

Check out the full feature over at DAZED.

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