London-based photographer Tom Sloan has dedicated years to capturing British adolescence through his lens. According to the photographer, he focused on the British coastline, where he traveled up and down countless times, in the hopes of catching the carefree essence portrayed by British young people.

Tom Sloan divulged his mission to Dazed & Confused: “freedom, adolescence, and natural often unprovoked interactions all contribute to the stories I look for in a photo.”

And that is exactly what he does. Growing up in Southampton, Sloan himself is quite familiar with this British adolescence he captures, and has gone on to claim that his English upbringing is one of his main sources of inspiration to date. He looks for social subjects, portraits, and even fashion pieces, all of which have the power to tell a story in a documentary-like nature. Sloan sets out to celebrate the unique youth culture of outer city Britain. More than just that, his craft shows his honesty – “I like the reactivity that goes hand-in-hand with shooting young people,” he told DAZED. Goodbye, London.

See the full feature and the album in its entirety over at DAZED.

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