Last week, Stella McCartney unveiled her Fall / Winter 2016 campaign, revealing it to be completely vegetarian-friendly and meat-free. McCartney is supporting so many causes right now that we can’t even seem to keep track. From animal rights to ecologically sourced cashmere, Stella chose her upcoming campaign to be completely leather, feather, and fur-free.

Regarding the latest campaign and her choice to collaborate with the iconic American artist Ed Ruscha, Stella expressed:

“I am so overwhelmed to have Ed’s magic genius stork layered onto and into the images, it feels so right and also stands for something in fashion.”

Ruscha’s signature text graphics are superimposed over the frames of the campaign, and incorporated into GIFs on McCartney’s website. Stella’s aim for this latest campaign was to celebrate an effortless sensuality with a touch of humour – hence Ruscha’s cheeky VEG OUT captions, and the like.

Stella McCartney is available exclusively at select retailers worldwide, from Colette in Paris, to Dover Street Market in London, New York, Tokyo, and Beijing, to D-mop in Hong Kong.

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