The New York Standard Hotels, in conjunction with i-D, just shared a collection of rare polaroid portraits of all our favourite ‘90s rising stars. Totally looking their best, may we add. Most of them future hip-hoppers, they’re captured here posing in New York clubs – notably the Downtown Club. They range from De La Soul, to A Tribe Called Quest, to Beastie Boys, to Naomi Campbell, to Judy Blame, to Mike Tyson, to Chris Rock, to Run-DMC, to Funkmaster Flex, to Christos Tolera, among others. Quite the mix. One of the most original, yet lux, New York City clubs of the decade, The Downtown Club was able to draw in alcohol-laced idols with ease, from musicians to actors to models and everything in between.

Year after year, Downtown continued to draw in hip-hop pioneers, rising stars, future legends, and the like. The Standard Hotel in New York recently acquired these rare polaroids, capturing precious ‘90s moments, and shared them with i-D a few days ago. i-D described the publishing of the images as an opportunity to look back upon what made an entire generation tick.

Source: i-D

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