I’m sure you’ll be able to draw more than a few parallels here. Normski is a London-based photographer who managed to capture the golden ages of hip-hop in both the UK and the US on film. Immersing himself in both scenes, Norman Anderson worked with everyone from the Cookie Crew and Demon Boyz in London, to Dr Dre, LL Cool J, and Run DMC in the States. We’re talking the ‘80s and the early ‘90s – a period that was able to heavily influence today’s up-and-coming music and subgenres. A few days ago, Dazed & Confused published Normski’s hip-hop photographs in their original black and white style, making up a captivating album that represents both the past and the future of hip-hop, all at the same time.

Normski was not only a photographer at the time, but also a rapper and a DJ, all the while serving as the face of BBC’s Dance Energy. Because of his insight into the cultural movement of hip-hop, his photographs are now looked back on as treasured archives that document the glory of the time on both sides of the pond.

Check out a Q+A with the photographer himself on DAZED.

Source: DAZED

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