Since its inception, VFILES has had a knack for crowdsourcing and engaging with their audience to the fullest. This includes somewhat unorthodox ways – their website is basically a platform for free expression from anyone and anything, and they even crowdsource their runway shows, from models, to hairdressers, to makeup artists, and more. That’s why we weren’t surprised to hear that the VFILES team joined forces with Kevin Amato to launch their first magazine – a crowsourced, ultimate ‘cool’ mag. Kevin Amato, a long-time contributor of the brand, and an independent fashion photographer and scout, took the liberty of serving as the editor-in-chief and creative director for their new joint venture.

The issue features various works from writers, stylists, photographers, artists, models, hairstylists, and makeup artists, all crowdsourced from VFILES.com profiles, which really adds an interesting edge to the mag itself. It sets out to listen to youth and support youth culture.

Check out WOMB Issue 1: We've Got Issues here.

VFILES is available exclusively at select retailers worldwide, including Colette in Paris, Dover Street Market in London, New York City, Tokyo, and Beijing, and D-mop in Hong Kong.


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