Stella McCartney’s recent trend has been advocating societal and environmental issues. From female empowerment with her POP! Fragrance campaign to the exposing the environmental shortcomings behind the use of cashmere in fashion, she has a recent tendency to use her brand to support important issues in today’s world. Yesterday, on her website, she publicized the problem with cashmere. Complete with a short film / campaign of course, Stella highlighted the fact that cashmere is the raw material with the highest environmental impact, and that it bears very high environmental costs. As a consequence of this, Stella McCartney has replaced all of the virgin cashmere once used in her garments with a regenerated cashmere yarn made in Italy from post-factory waste, with a 92% reduction in environmental impact. Fittingly, the new cashmere material is called Re.Verso™.

Watch the film and learn more here.

Stella McCartney is available exclusively at select retailers worldwide, from Colette in Paris, to Dover Street Market in London, New York City, Ginza, and Beijing, to D-mop in Hong Kong.

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