By Any Means Necessary, The North Face has made it. It’s kind of like how dad bods suddenly became cool. Now dad looks reign Supreme. OK no more puns.

But seriously, this week Dazed & Confused published a feature on how The North Face became cool. And it got us thinking – what’s next? If a brand that was once merely used by geeky trekkers and dads from the British midlands can work its way to the top of today’s trend list, collaborating with the world’s most sought-after streetwear brands, then, well, anything's possible. If we look back at its uprising, yes, it was beloved by ‘90s rappers. I guess that’s where the hype really originates. Then, grime MCs picked up on it. Anyone’s down to wear something they see on Skepta / Stormzy / JME. The Supreme collaboration really solidified it for The North Face though, they’re now good to go. Whenever I think of The North Face now, I think of By Any Means Necessary in the classic italic Futura typeface, red, white, and black, and I think of boxy minimalistic flags in a collage with strong hints of reds and blues. Puffas 4 life.

What’s next, Patagonia?

Check out the full feature on DAZED.

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