Look, we know there are a lot of hypebeasts, Japanese fashion heads, Dover Street Market dwellers, and the like, who fawn over Comme des Garçons like there’s no tomorrow. But, this just in – Octavius la Rosa may actually be CDG’s biggest fan. We’re guessing this is the closest you can come to being a Comme des Garçons die-hard.

Dazed & Confused recently spoke to Octavius la Rosa and took an exclusive look into his CDG-adorned closet. His avant-garde quasi-retail store and online boutique, dot COMME (haha), is situated above a Melbourne sandwich shop, like any other hip and trendy retail location of the moment. But it’s his collection that never ceases to impress – it is rare, rule breaking, and impeccably curated, all at once. Aussie fashion gurus call it Australia’s greatest cult fashion archive. A diamond in Melbourne’s rough, if you will. Dot COMME has earned its place as a market for valuable and iconoclastic Comme des Garçons (and Comme des Garçons-esque) germante.

Check out the full interview with Octavius la Rosa here, and browse the collection here.

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