Everyone’s favourite brooding, post-Soviet visionary / current streetwear-meets-high-fashion poster boy now has a dictionary to his name.

Just five days ago, Gosha Rubchinskiy presented his Spring/Summer 2017 runway show and photography exhibition at the prestigious biannual Pitti Uomo in Florence. In honour of his crazy rise, Dazed & Confused decided to curate an A-Z guide on the life and times of the designer, intended to be a brief crash-course on his work and his universe.

The Moscow-born designer’s post-Soviet influence shines through in most of his work, and it’s no surprise that he launched his menswear label in his home town after having studied at Moscow’s College of Technology and Design. His first collection wasn’t even titled with the classical Latin alphabet – in lieu of the standardized Western script, Gosha Rubchinskiy opted for his native Cyrillic alphabet. And so, the ГОША РУБЧИНСКИЙ collection was born in 2008, a true representative of Russian, or Eastern, youth culture. With ease, Rubchinskiy’s work began to document the style of these young people, and bring them to the forefront of fashion’s often-arbitrary scene. Through using this subcategory of the population as his constant muse, Rubchinskiy sets out to empower them and expose their aesthetic to the rest of the world.

Through his many projects, collaborations, and visions, Gosha Rubchinskiy wants to foster a community of like-minded people who thrive upon creativity and unorthodox inspirations. Think about Dover Street Market, for example. Their recent collaboration, presenting an exhibition with DoublecheeseburgerVF, was specifically and openly curated to bring together like-minded people. And with Comme des Garçons as a main supporter of Rubchinskiy’s projects and visions, his label has been able to bridge the gap between grungy streetwear and high-fashion prêt-à-porter collections. As demonstrated by the likes of his unofficial Facebook fan club, Gosha Rubchinskiy Talk, where die-hard fans discuss him all day long, his success is both palpable and contagious.

The A-Z guide on Gosha Rubchinskiy is as follows:

A is for Alexander Rodchenko (a Russian cultural iconoclast)

B is fur Buttechno (a Moscow-based musician)

C is for Comme des Garçons (for their collaborations, and for stocking Rubchinskiy at Dover Street Market stores worldwide)

D is for Dover Street Market

E is for Exhibitions

F is for Fashion East (Lulu Kennedy’s London-based designer support scheme)

G is for Graphics

H is for Hardcore Fans

I is for Iron Curtain

J is for Julian Klincewicz (a Californian multidisciplinary artist)

K is for Kids

L is for Lotta Volkova (Dazed & Confused’s contributing fashion editor)

M is for Muse

N is for New Russia

O is for Orwell

P is for PACCBET (aka the РАССВЕТ НЕ ЗА ГОРАМИ tee)

Q is for Queues

R is for Runways

S is for Skating

T is for Tom Emmerson (a teenage London-based photographer)

U is for Underground

V is for Venues

W is for Worldwide

X is for Gosha Rubchinskiy x

Y is for Youth Hotel (his second publication)

Z is for Zines

Source: DAZED

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