Nowadays, VERSACE is only really still relevant because of Migos' hip-hop tune dedicated to the brand, the revival of the infamous Medusa head and gaudy musings, and, to be honest, Italian guidos who love gold chains and cologne.

But that doesn't mean that we should ever forget or cast aside VERSACE's glory days. Because, I mean, they were absolutely glorious - on another level. And VFILES graciously just gave us a detailed look into VERSACE's very rare magazine that dates back to 2002, one of their prime years.

The VERSACE magazine idea didn't seem to last them very long, but the book is nevertheless absolutely iconic. Imagine what VERSACE is all about - that specific, fabulous aesthetic - in print. Of course, the cover model is none other than Donatella Versace herself, who also took the role of creative director of the magazine.

The cameos are by far the winning quality of the magazine, as its pages are graced by the likes of Diddy, Destiny's Child sans Beyoncé (how avant-garde of them), J.Lo, Eve, Chloë Sevigny, Britney Spears, Madonna, George Michael, Rupert Everett, Liz Hurley, Anjelica Huston, Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair, Lucy Liu, and Devon Aoki, all revelling in excess. The rare and exclusive interviews, the thick of the magazine, are conducted with Madonna, J.Lo, Britney, and legendary fashion photographer Steven Meisel, who photographed the majority of the editorials in the book. The P Diddy editorial is pretty glorious as well - the highlight of the entire magazine has got to be that intricate Puff Daddy collage. Can anyone say White Party?

The whole thing is a production that you can't really miss. Now I have one more reason to believe that 2002 really was the greatest year ever. As VFILES put it, eleganza for DAYS, honey!

Source: VFILES

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