Most of you probably know Austin Post as Post Malone, the American hip-hop artist famous for his single “White Iverson.” Or you may know him as that white singer with grills and cornrows. But how much do you really know about Post Malone? This 60-second feature on VFILES’ TMI channel should get you up to speed.

In “White Iverson,” Post Malone confidently sings that “when [he] started ballin [he] was young.” The VFILES vid confirms that this is no lie – Post Malone is actually so young that he needs a fake ID to go out to a bar or club. Sitting in his banana yellow Supreme tee and his North Face cap, Post reveals some other things you may not know about him, such as the fact that he hates bananas and thinks they’re overrated, and that his favourite snack is Cheez-Its (with GoldFish as a close second.) Smiley Post also reveals his manager’s old ID which helps him get around the drinking laws in the US. Get to know White Iverson for yourselves.

Source: VFILES

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